Facebook To Rollout 15-second Video Ads On Your News Feed

Daily Tech
A more "annoying" Facebook

Hating Facebook for implementing all those pesky ads that often consume almost 60% of your Newsfeed when you first log-in to your once-favorite social networking site? Well, get ready for there's more. Facebook will soon introduce 15 second ads to your Newsfeed. This is going to get ugly, especially if the ads play on their own and have a loud audio playing alongside it. Not only could that get you into trouble in the office, but will eat away your precious bandwidth while at home (for those developing country users who still have to shell out loads for a limited broadband connection). Thankfully, a Facebook user won't be seeing more than three commercials a day (some respite).

Of course, this only spells more moolah for Facebook as each ad should bring the company anywhere between $1 million to $2.5 million a day, and there will be hundreds and thousands of ads (of course). And companies are going to pay for placing their ads, especially with more and more people having their eyes glued to Facebook than their own TV even when in the house after a long day of work.