Samsung Announces New Variants Of The Galaxy S4 And Galaxy S4 Mini

In the seemingly endless variants of the Samsung Galaxy S4 enter two more such phones. These new variants, one each of the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini, bring nothing new to the table save for the added support for both TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE network standards. Samsung claims it to be the first phones in the world to support the Dual-LTE modes, but China's ZTE Grand Era begs to differ. Yes, the tally of the number of Galaxy S4 variants has almost hit a full dozen.

For the uninitiated, FDD-LTE is the current generation LTE standard in use across the globe. Meanwhile, TDD-LTE is the next major step in LTE evolution. This means faster and more stable network, mobile data etc.

With today's TDD/FDD LTE seamless handover devices announcement, Samsung again demonstrates the company's commitment to driving better, more convenient customer experiences. The first commercially available TDD/FDD seamless handover devices will allow customers to fully enjoy the benefits of fast mobile data communications no matter where they are.