Samsung Trademarks 7 New Names With The USPTO

Samsung Tomorrow

Korean company Samsung has filed for as many 7 new names at the USPTO that includes Samsung Micro, Samsung Expo, Samsung Fit, Mobile Samsung 5G, Samsung Go, Samsung Pro and S Musician. Not one of them looks to be the name of a new phone though, surprisingly. We can do a bit of guesswork here and that's the best you'll get at this stage.

Mobile Samsung 5G of course refers to Samsung's 5G mobile network that the company is actively developing. However, the new 5G standard isn't due until 2020, simply because the technology is far from ready, and the technology can be fully developed once its specifications are finalized (which hasn't been done yet). A bit premature eh Samsung?

The S Musician looks to be a new app to be added to the suite of S Apps installed on most Galaxy branded phones. This one might cater to those who like to compose tunes, tweak existing sound tracks, add effects and play around. Then there's Samsung Fit, which might be some sort of a fitness tracker add-on, probably using the new Bluetooth 4.0 LE standard. Nothing much can be said about the rest of the trademarks yet.