Leaked Apple iPad 5 Back Casing Confirms iPad Mini Inspired Design

While we have read numerous reports saying that the next-generation Apple iPad 5 from the Cupertino company will sport a design language similar to the one adopted by the company with its iPad Mini, here's a leaked image of the back casing of the iPad 5 that confirms the same. Apple's fifth-generation iPad will for sure pack a design that's similar to the iPad Mini. This means thick bezels are out and thin bezels are in. Additionally, the dimensions of the iPad 5 will be smaller than the current iPad 4 (and iPad 3 for that matter), while sporting the same 9.7" (reportedly IGZO) display. The iPad 5 reportedly measures a full 0.7 inches narrower than the iPad 4, at just 168mm (compared to 185.7mm).

To check out more of the leaked images, hit the source link.