Verizon Moto X To Get Moto Maker Treatment Later, First Commercials Released

In case you were looking to pick up a customized version of the recently announced Motorola Moto X (using the company's online Moto Maker tool) but don't want to pick up the AT&T version (for any reason whatsoever), then hold tight for a little while. Verizon will be the second US carrier to offer Motorola's new Moto X with the customization options (meaning you do get to toy around in the Moto Maker website), but that won't happen immediately. For now, the feature is an AT&T exclusive. This news was confirmed in a tweet which was sent out by @VZWNews.

Meanwhile, Motorola has released the first official commercials of the Moto X Smartphone. These ads cover two of the powerful new features of the new Moto X i.e. Touchless Controls and quick-start camera.