BlackBerry Might Be Working On A New Porsche P'9982

Remember the BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981? Neither do we. This special berry got a Porsche treatment, and we don't mean putting a mini Carrera GT engine inside, but rather the phone's external appearance, or design. Sadly, it was far too overpriced. Hence, neither us and mostly you remember much about it from when it was originally announced back in 2011.

Tinhte has got their hands dirty with a leaked image of a new BlackBerry Porshce branded phone. The leaked image allegedly belongs to the W.I.P. BlackBerry Porsche P'9982 (quite a small bump in the model number). There's some good news. The device will run the newest BlackBerry 10 OS. There's some really bad news. It will cost $2,000 (swim with the fishes). Let's see how this one works out for the Canadians.