Xbox One Internal Beta Phase Increases GPU Core Clock Frequency

Here's some spicy news. Microsoft's next-generation Xbox One game console has hit internal beta phase, and this brings a drastic new change. The new "mono driver" released to developers ups the GPU core clock speed from the original 800 MHz to a new 853 MHz. Now you'd be wondering what a measly 53 MHz would do in terms of performance, but this could be more of an optimization than just increasing GPU core clock frequency. Perhaps Xbox One engineers found that the GPU is most efficient at the said clock speed. The new "mono driver" is also a new "100% optimized for Xbox One" DirectX driver, Microsoft's proprietary API.

We can't really comment on the GPU clock boost, but we are sure that it won't make a significant real world difference in performance. The new DirectX drivers on the other hand can really allow the games shine even brighter, right at launch, thanks to better optimization.

Microsoft's next-gen game console, Xbox One, comes this November bundled with the new Kinect 2.0 for $500.