Unlocked Motorola Moto X To Cost $575 A Piece

16 GB AT&T version

Remember when we said that the Moto X might cost as little as $299 unlocked? Erase that out of your memory as if you never came across such an atrocious, out of the world claim. $299 is not even a distant dream, an unlocked Moto X will cost you at least $575. For that amount, you will get an AT&T branded Motorola Moto X, contract free, with 16 GB of internal storage.

Up until now, we had valued the importance of the Moto X keeping in mind the alleged affordable price tag. Now that we know better, the Moto X looks one-tenth as attractive as it originally was. There's still some hope left as the Google owned company announced that they will sell a cheaper Moto X tailored for the prepaid market in the US, and for developing countries.