Mugen Power Extended Battery Adds Support For The Sony Xperia ZR

More battery!

One of Sony's top handsets, one which is both water and dust resistant owning to its envious IP58 certification, has now got the support of two new accessories from Mugen Power. The company, known for their quality extended batteries, has launched two models for the Sony Xperia ZR.

The first model is a conservative 2500 mAh one (HLI-BA950SL) which will cost you $44.50 with free worldwide shipping. One of the primary advantages of this unit is that it will fit in the existing Xperia ZR shell, therefore not adding to the thickness of an already thick phone. The 4600 mAh (HLI-C5503XL) battery pack however (twice as large as the phone's original 2300 mAh battery) will set you back by $89.50, and comes with its own back cover and extra bulk and thickness.

Shipping begins on September 6. Mugen Power will be selling four color variants: black, white, pink and mint.