Anand Chandrashekhar Of Qualcomm Calls 8-core Processors 'Dumb'


A Taiwanese publication caught Qualcomm's (the world's largest ARM SoC seller) vice president Anand Chandrashekhar reply "we don't do dumb things" when asked whether the company will counter competitor MediaTek's newly teased 8-core processor with its own solution. Chandrashekhar went on to explain his comment with the following explanation:

"you can't take eight lawnmower engines, put them together and now claim you have an eight-cylinder Ferrari."

Nice reply Anand, we must agree with the man on this. The VP emphasized on Qualcomm's push into creating more efficient modems, adopting steps to improve device battery life and various other aspects instead of "simply throwing cores together." MediaTek hasn't made any reply to all the comments, but the company doesn't need to. They have their competition in a tight spot. The underdog will soon come out with a world's first (Samsung's Exynos 5 Octa is a fake 8-core processor). Sooner or later, Qualcomm and the others will also make the jump to 8-core CPUs. MediaTek only sped up that process.