VIZIO Unveils Next Generation Smart TV Platform

With Chromecast out, TVs should really just revert to their idiot-box days; but some TV makers are holding on to the idea of a smart-TV. Vizio unveiled its newest smart-TV plaftorm, called Internet Apps Plus. The platform is little more than a neat way to organize HTML5 apps that are apt for this form-factor. Interestingly, Vizio explored the concept of casting whatever your smartphone, tablet, or PC is working on, to the HDTV, much like Chromecast. Given that Google's tech was announced just last month, we think Vizio's technology doing something similar is more coincidental than being a rip-off.

Vizio Internet Apps Plus is starting off with a wider selection of apps than Chromecast, including apps for a vast number of on-demand entertainment services, like Netflix, Amazon Instant Go, Hulu Plus, Vudu, Rhapsody, and Flix Fling; online video networks like YouTube, online radio like Pandora, and of course, the plethora of social networks from the big three Internet companies of today, Google, Facebook, and Yahoo.

Vizio's screen-cast feature works a little differently from Chromecast. The source device has to stay within the Wi-Fi network the TV is connected to, and the source device relays the video onto to the TV, while retaining control over its playback, much like Chromecast.

Vizio plans to debut Internet Apps Plus with its new M-Series Razor LED TVs, which come in numerous sizes, ranging from 30-inch, going all the way up to 80-inch.