Apple iPad 5 Features In New Video

Confirms Slim Profile

Apple's upcoming 5th generation iPad, the iPad 5, featured in a new video which was spotted earlier today. The video shows the iPad 5 shell with a design much like the iPad Mini i.e. slim bezel, just as the reports said. The new iPad adopts the iPad Mini design to give us consumers a slimmer, thinner and lighter new Apple tablet.

The rumored dimensions of the iPad 5 are 240x168x7.9 mm compared to the thicker dimensions in the iPad 4 (241.2x185.7x9.4 mm). Apple has managed to keep the weight of the new tablet under check by using one tube lighting the display instead of two. Let's hope that key aspects like battery life don't get chopped due to the reduced dimensions.

Latest reports say that Apple will introduce the new iPad in the month of September, alongside the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C.