Zopo Readying Lineup Of 8-Core MT6592 Powered Smartphones

Chinese phone maker Zopo is allegedly preparing a a refresh of their existing lineup of Smartphones as well as new models powered by MediaTek's upcoming MT6592 chipset, the first true 8-core SoC for Smartphones. You have been warned, take this with two grains of salt.

It won't come as a surprise if Zopo does launch a couple of 8-core Smartphones by the end of this year. Chinese phone companies adopt to anything that is cheap and new faster than our Ivy league phone companies, and they are especially fond of MediaTek's low-cost offerings (the 8-core chip will also be a low-cost offering). The report says that Zopo is working on a 6-inch C7 and refreshed versions of the Zopo ZP980, Zopo C2 and Zopo C3 Smartphones..