Samsung Announces New LPDDR4 Chips, Expect 6 GB Of RAM In Smartphones Soon

Flagship smartphones have started shipping out with 4 GB of RAM, but if you ask us, there is no need for that much memory. However, if you ask Samsung, there are needs for even more RAM and they are getting ready to offer their 6 GB LPDDR4 chips later next year.

The new chips are built using the same 20 nm manufacturing process, so current smartphones can be easily upgraded to 6 GB of RAM. Current 4 GB chips combine two 2 GB chips, while the new will mix two 3 GB chips to yield 6 GB.

With 5 GB RAM smartphones already launched, the recently announced Gigaset smartphone, we probably won't have to wait for 6 GB devices long.

Is there really a need for 6 GB? Apple phones are using only 1 GB and they are working more than okay.