It's Official. PC Gaming Is Dead.

He's Dead Jim

Well, it's official. It's all over. PC gaming is officially dead. All of the analysts have predicted this for some time and now it's finally happened. You may as well pack up that old archaic box you have sitting in your computer room ... or maybe read on ...

PC gaming, PC gaming, wherefore art thou PC gaming? Console have taken over. They are an unbeatable competitor in the race for gaming supremacy. Oh wait. Tablets. Tablets and mobile gaming have supplanted consoles as the go-to hotties for investors in the video game industry. Seems that console have lost a bit of their initial investor attraction in the race to fund the next big jackpot market.

So there. Tablets and mobile devices have won. Never mind that Xbox consoles are still selling hundreds of thousands a month, and never mind that games for the PC are still raking in millions of dollars for both developers and publishers alike, it's all over.

What are they thinking? Who pays these people for their "accurate analysis"?

Most of what you will read on the internet is base on retail sales figures. Retail sales are tanking. Is this any surprise? With high-speed broadband, digital downloads are the preferred method for most gamers. The problem is that no one can get a clear picture on the sales of digital downloads because they are not available from companies such as Steam and Origin. With all of the community based features that digital distributers offer, and the fact that gamers want their game NOW, is it any wonder retail is suffering? A digital distributer can put thousands of games "on the shelves", but in the retail stores real estate is at a premium and what sells best gets the shelf space (and it's usually not PC games).

Over the many years that I've been watching the games industry the death of PC games has been at the forefront many times, only to take a back seat when something amazing happened. Something amazing like PC games continue to sell well. We all know that can't happen, though, because the analysts said PC gaming is dead.

After careful analysis of my own, I have come to the conclusion that PC gaming is not dead ... it's undead ! (cue zombie music) Shoot PC gaming, stab it in the heart, cut it in half, and cover it with garlic and it still rises up and chews your face off. So the next time you fire up that high-end rig you built or bought so you can play games with all the eye candy and physics cranked to the max, know that you are contributing to the real Zombie Apocalypse. The PC Gaming Zombie Apocalypse !

Ahhh ... Friday night editorials are the best. Enjoy your weekend !