New AVG's Privacy Policy Allows Them To Sell Your Browsing History

Popular antivirus company AVG has a lot of users thanks to the free version of software. However, it takes money to be at top, even in antivirus market, and to make money, AVG made a strange move. The company has updated its privacy policy and many won't like it.

The new policy allows AVG to collect non-personal data and sell it to third parties to make money. The collected data includes browsing and search history along with meta data, ISP or mobile network used to connect to AVG products, installed applications and how you use them.

While it won't sell any data that would help identify users, it is still questionable decision. Many users will definitely uninstall the app and look for other solution. The new privacy policy comes into effect on 15 October. More about the policy is available here.

If you are using AVG, what are your thoughts on this?