New Evidence Suggests That Valve Is Working On Left 4 Dead 3

More brainzzz!

New evidence suggests that Valve, publishers of some of the world's most popular game titles such as the Half Life series, Counter Strike, Team Fortress, Portal and Left 4 Dead, are working on a new installment in their hit zombie survival series, Left 4 Dead. Get your guns and buddies ready for some more brain blasting action for the leaked images suggest only one thing, that Left 4 Dead 3 is headed our way (by now we are convinced that we'll see a '3' after every valve game except Half Life). The game is allegedly running on a new version of their company's developer and resource friendly Source engine (most probably called Source 2).

Valve hasn't commented on the leaked images, one of them is a Steam listing (an obvious mistake, or is it a prank by Valve?).