Star Citizen Hits 1M Supporter Mark

There are now more than 1 million people who have contributed to the development of Star Citizen. While the game's original funding goal was just $500,000, $92.7 million has been raised from backers. Everyone who has pledged money for a Star Citizen package is now being given access to the game, meaning the Alpha Access package and $5 passes are no longer necessary.

No Star Marine pass, no Alpha 2.0 pass... no additional payment needed for any module in the works, pre-release. Going forward, should we need to put out some sort of limited release it will be done through the PTU test server. All backers will have access to any live release, the moment it publishes. - Star Citizen

Anyone who has already spent money on an Alpha Access package is going to receive 10,000 UEC (United Earth Credits) for use in the game. Arena Commander pass owners will receive 5,000 UEC.