Gmail To Alert Users About Unencrypted Messages

Google is developing messages that it can display to users when they receive emails from an unencrypted source. A joint study between Google, the University of Illinois, and the University of Michigan found encryption is on the rise, but so are efforts to undermine encryption.

Attackers have found ways to intercept and alter messages, meaning they can be dangerous when delivered. By displaying alerts to users, Google hopes to further protect user security.

Many popular email providers have implemented HTTPS, but since it has yet to cover everyone, Gmail will do what it can to keep people secure.

To notify our users of potential dangers, we are developing in-product warnings for Gmail users that will display when they receive a message through a non-encrypted connection. These warnings will begin to roll-out in the coming months.

All email services -- Gmail included -- depend on the trust of their users. Partnering with top researchers helps us make the email ecosystem as a whole safer and more secure for everyone. Security threats won't disappear, but studies like these enable providers across the industry to fight them with better, more powerful protections today and going forward. - Google