NVIDIA Reveals Tegra 4 SoC Chips at CES 2013

While it is already known that both of next-gen Tegra chips would be tapped out this year, Nvidia will officially present its newest Tegra solutions for mobile devices at the upcoming CES. There will be two chips, Tegra 4 codenamed Wayne and SoC solution codenamed Grey.

"We think we will announce our [next-generation Tegra] products at CES and our customers will announce their products at MWC," said Chris Evenden, director of investor relations of Nvidia.

Tegra 4 "Wayne" mobile processors will be expected to target the upper segment of the market and be based on the ARM Cortex-A15 cores (4 +1) and a new generation GeForce GPU for mobile devices while "Grey" comes with integrated 3G and LTE modems intended for cheaper mobile. Both chips are manufactured in 28 nm process.

Regardless of already announced devices with Tegra 4 for the MWC, market availability is expected in the second half of 2013.