HTC One X Explodes While Charging, Owner Lives

In yet another horrifying case that makes us increasingly wary of Smartphones around us, a person from Taiwan narrowly escaped serious injuries after this HTC One X, the Taiwanese company's 2012 flagship Android Smartphone, burst into flames while being charged. HTC is investigating this incident, and we do hope that they come up with a seriously good explanation as to why this could have happened, and if many of us should begin ditching our One X as well. Apparently the first symptoms preceding such an event could be a swollen battery, reported by many over the past couple of months. We hope that those reported cases got a replacement battery at the earliest, or their owners are reading this.

The images show the remains of the HTC One X, clearly it is beyond repair. We hope HTC reimburses the poor man with a new phone, perhaps a shiny new One or One Mini at the least.