Google Nexus 5 To Be Based On The LG G2

There's a new report out there that won't please many, especially those who didn't really like LG's new design statement set with their new flagship LG G2, and are eagerly waiting for Google's next-generation Nexus 5 Smartphone. Here goes nothing: the Nexus is being worked on by LG once again. The new Nexus 5 flagship that we are all waiting for might not be the device we are hoping for, as the new report specifically mentions that the Nexus 5 will have a design similar to that of the LG G2, while ditching the buttons at the back (phew). Either way, we really hope this isn't true, and that LG and Google decide on a new design for the new Nexus Smartphone instead of recycling an existing product. They did it with the Nexus 4, we hope that they can do it again (minus the fragile glass at the back).