GOG.COM Trying To Attract Indie Developers

In an effort to expand upon its "Good Old Games" labeling, gog.com has launched a portal on its website where it is trying to attract independent developers to sell their games through them. The games are all DRM free and devs will have some royalty options.

Developers can submit their game to gog on the portal easily by answering a few questions and including some optional material such as their website, game videos and screenshots.

Gog is also offering developers an advance on the game royalties if they so choose. Developers can choose a standard 70/30 (Dev/gog) split with no advance, or a 60/40 split until gog recovers the advance amount. One the advance is recouped it will automatically switch back to 70/30.

The are also promising additional support to a released game by making it the main feature on the site, with a banner and a news article, and social media promotion on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, as well as posting the game trailer on their YouTube channel and featuring it in their weekly video editorial.

Jump over to the source link if you are interested and would like to hear some testimonials from a few indie developers using gog for their game distribution