Samsung And LG To Begin Shipping Flexible Screens In November

It's been nearly two years since we first heard about flexible display technology being developed by two of the biggest Korean companies, Samsung and LG. The day that we finally see a consumer product based on the exciting new technology is drawing nearer and nearer. A new report details that both Samsung and LG have almost finalized on their flexible display technology, and that the companies will be ready to begin shipping the first units this November. This means that we could see a Galaxy Bend of a similar product from LG's stable at MWC next year.

In terms of the current production capacity, Samsung Display has the upper hand. Samsung Display has the flexible display production capacity enough to input 8,000 5.5G (1300x1500mm) sheets in line A2 line. Even if the yield is assumed to be 100%, however, the capacity is big enough to produce 1 milllion-1.5 million 5-6-inch panels a month.

LG Display is also thinking hard about increasing its small production capacity. It is operating part of the 4.5G (730mm×920mm) AP2 line as the flexible pilot line. The entire AP2 line can handle 75,000 sheets a month, and the flexible line can handle 12,000. Even if the yield is 100%, the production capacity is thought to be less than 500,000 a month.

It would be really cool to see high-end Smartphones that can be folded and placed in our shirt pockets. Fold them out and you get a large 6-inch or similarly sized display (whew!). We gotta stop dreaming now, back to the real world (snap).