Sony Announces New In-Vehicle Infotainment Devices

Sony has announced a pair of new products, the ZAV-602BT smartphone connected in-dash receiver and the XA-NV300T. The devices are designed for use in a vehicle without relying on a smartphone to handle the connections. Hands-free is always a good idea when driving.

The Sony XAV-602BT allows you to use Android or iOS applications through a receiver instead of the smartphone itself, and the XA-NV300T gets you real-time TomTom travel information and maps to your vehicle. Since the TomTom device works independently of a phone, there are no network connections or data costs incur while using it.

The two devices are slated for release in October of this year, and will cost $549.99 for the XAV-602BT, and $249.99 for the XA-NV300T.

Given the rapid pace that technology companies like Apple, Sony and Google are moving into the automotive arena with infotainment devices, it's quite possible the automakers will give up on creating the systems themselves in the future.