ZTE Open Now Up For Grabs Via eBay For A Very Attractive Price

ZTE Open is the Chinese manufacturer's very own Firefox OS based entry-level Smartphone that aims to power the next billion in emerging and developing markets and caters specifically to those who can't afford a high-end Android or iOS powered smart device. The phone is only available to the UK (£59.99) and the US ($79.99), but people on eBay are willing to pay over $116 for the same handset delivered to their doorstep. Mind you, the ZTE Open is no powerhouse. You get a 3.5-inch HVGA display, 256 MB of RAM and 512 MB of storage, but that's what you are paying for anyway.

In case you are itching to try out Mozilla's new open-source HTML5 based light weight platform, then the ZTE Open is a great place to start. Sadly, the bloated up price may discourage many from buying it. Here's hoping that the handset starts selling in more countries in the coming months which should help both ZTE drive sales of the device and Firefox OS gain more traction.

"Mozilla is dedicated to moving the web forward as a platform for innovation and building products that people love. We are pleased that now we will put the full power of the web in even more people's hands. With a great potential user base, we know that even more developers around the world will create their apps with new APIs to stimulate an inspiring new wave of innovation."-Dr. Li Gong, vice president, Mozilla