Sony Rolling Out Android 4.1.1 Update To Xperia Tablet S

Sony has badly ignored the Xperia Tablet S, the company's flagship Android tablet released in 2012, ever since they launched the product. Ill fated buyers have been treated to an inconsistent software experience and a lack of updates for the tablet as well, which explains as to why the device is still stuck on a now ancient Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean. So the company decided to release a software update for the Tablet S, but sadly, it doesn't bump it up to a newer version of Android. What it does, and we hope for the owners of this tablet's sake that it does well, is resolve all the camera and sync related issues and also the playback of Video Unlimited content, as promised in the changelog. The update has begun rolling out already, users can update their tablet OTA. Mind you, the download size is 430 MB so make sure you're connected to a fast WiFi network and that your tablet has plenty of charge left.