LG to Develop Phablets, Smartwatches, and Flexible Display Smartphones by Year-end

With rival Samsung's big IFA bash in Berlin just around the corner, LG is sharing its near-future plans with the press. While the company's smartphone and tablet lineups aren't as bloated extensive as Samsung's, the company has plans to launch competitors for each category of mobile devices by the end of 2013.

Among the devices LG has planned, are 6-inch class phablets, smartphones based on the company's swanky flexible display panels to take curved shapes, and of course, smart-watches to rival Samsung Galaxy Gear, and Apple iWatch.

The company hasn't made a Windows Phone device since way back in 2010, with the Optimus W, and plans to change that. The company is already experimenting with Firefox OS, and smartphones running the open-source operating system out of the box shouldn't sound far-fetched.