Curious-looking LG G Pad Pays FCC a Visit

Dismissed off hand for being a unicorn, LG's G Pad is real, and just paid a visit to the FCC. What made the tablet improbable is its disruptive system specs that could spell trouble for both 8-inch class and 10-inch class tablets, offering a middle-ground between "standard" and "mini" tablet sizes.

There are two model numbers doing rounds with G Pad rumors, "LG-V500" and "LG-V507L," probably pointing to WiFi-only and WiFi+LTE variants. There has to be a third WiFi+3G-only variant in there, somewhere.

A part of what makes the G Pad a "disruptive" device is its screen size of 8.3-inch, bang in the middle of "mini" 7-inch and 8-inch tablets, and "standard" 9-inch and 10-inch ones. Its screen is said to feature a 16:10 aspect ratio, with 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution.

The system memory amount of LG G Pad is reportedly 2 GB, and while there's no word on its SoC, indications are, if LG plans to make this a premium tablet, it could very well deploy a Snapdragon 600, or even Snapdragon 800. No other specs are known at this point, but given LG's big plans for later this year, launch of the G Pad could very well predate 2014.