Nokia Goes Official With 106 And 107 Dual SIM Feature Phones

Nokia officially unveiled two new feature phones earlier today. Dubbed the Nokia 106 and Nokia 107 dual SIM, both devices are identical to each other, with the only real difference between them being their names and the support for dual SIM cards in the latter. For just $23 (Nokia 106, $25 for the Nokia 107 Dual SIM), you get a 1.8-inch 65-k color TFT display, FM Radio, LED flashlight, 800 mAh battery (1020 mAh in the Nokia 107), 75 gram weight and 36 days of stand-by, making either of these phones extremely suitable to be kept as a backup device. Music buffs can carry either of the aforementioned feature phones to the gym or for a jog without having to worry about dropping it or carrying a large Smartphone (which might slip out of the pocket). There's support for 16 GB micro SD cards that can store up to 3,000 songs. Nokia promises 34.8 hours of music endurance, a tall claim.

Both devices are expected to launch in markets all across the globe this September.