Exclusive: System Lords Gets An October 19th Release Date

Back in January of this year we did an interview with the indie developer of the upcoming game System Lords (previously called Stargate System Lords, but we'll get to that). The developer, John Steuber, was kind enough to let us have the exclusive on the release date.

System Lords in a browser based, MMORTS game that John has been working on for the last couple of years in what can be described as a "labor of love". He's basically given up his social life to complete what he started, and has told us the game will be officially released on Saturday, October 19th of this year.

The game was inspired by the Stargate universe, and originally called "Stargate System Lords", but the people over at MGM, while having no problem with images in the game, have issues with using the Stargate trademark and various other "words" related to the movie and series.

John has also started a Kickerstarter campaign to drum up a little extra dough to help with advertising when the game is launched. While NextPowerUp does not support any particular Kickstarter campaigns, you may want to stop over there and throw an indie developer a bone and help to get the word out about his game.

You can check out the game at the official website, and John promised to give us another interview once the game is released and he has a little time to relax and breath. I imagine that will be about the time it takes for the interview as he will have to start game support and updates almost immediately.

Check out the cinematic trailer while you're at it.