Project Scorpio Is A Next-Gen Xbox Gaming Console, Launching Next Fall

During the E3 trade show in Los Angeles, Microsoft announced the rumoured Xbox One S. The new console is expected to replace the current Xbox One, but it doesn't bring much to the table. Luckily, the company has revealed some information about the next-gen high-end Xbox.

Dubbed the Project Scorpio, the console will pack a semi-custom AMD SoC that will probably be based on Polaris and Zen. It will have 6 TFLOPS of power and 320 GB/s memory bandwidth, making it 1.5 times more powerful than the PS4K and 4 times as powerful as existing Xbox One. The custom SoC will have an 8-core processor (and probably 16 threads), and will be based on 14 nm

"As we bring the high-performance CPU to life, we're also going to integrate Zen with our high-performance graphics in our next-generation APUs. So after Bristol Ridge, you will see integrated APUs with Zen and our GPU architectures. And you'll also see Zen across a number of embedded markets. The power of Zen's grounds-up design allows us to scale it across performance segments as well as low-power markets," said AMD's president and CEO Lisa Su.

"So we gave the SoC 6TFLOPs of computing capability to be able to handle 4K resolutions. Gamers are going to get the most powerful graphics processor that's ever been put into a games console to date. You get 4K gaming--true 4K resolution. The box we're creating is incredible. It's gonna have 8CPU cores, 320GB/s memory bandwith, 6TFLOPs of GPU power--it's a monster. We can render at 60Hz we can render fully and uncompressed pixels--the highest quality pixels that anybody has seen," said an Xbox engineer.