SwiftKey 4.2 Released For Android, Packs SwiftKey Cloud

SwiftKey has just released version 4.2 of its stock keyboard replacement app for Android. But why should you be bothered? That's because SwiftKey happens to be the best aftermarket keyboard solution available to Android users. It really is that good. And the new version 4.2 update comes with the final version of SwiftKey Cloud, which has finally shed its beta status.

What's so special about SwiftKey Cloud you ask? Well, it syncs between your Facebook, Gmail and many other accounts (after you give it the necessary permissions of course) and learns from your typing pattern. Yeah, it's that smart. Additionally, it intelligently predicts the next word that you would type by learning from your typing patterns and frequently used words. SwiftKey Cloud also lets users back up their account to the cloud. So in case you change your Smartphone, just download the app, log-in to your account and continue right from where you left.

You can choose to download the 30-day free trial from the Play Store, but the $2.99 price tag for the full version (after a 50% discount) is a really good deal for such an amazing keyboard replacement app. Get it before the offer expires.

SwiftKey for Android on Google Play Store (FREE Trial) | Full Version - $2.99