Xbox Project Scorpio Won't Run All Games At 1080p 60fps

Microsoft has made some small performance improvements to the newly announced Xbox One S, but those improvements were necessary to allow HDR support, without any in-game performance improvements and now we have first details about the performance of the Project Scorpio.

While the console is expected to pack much more powerful CPU and GPU, that won't allow it to run all current Xbox One games at 1080p 60fps. There also won't be any exclusive games, but not all games will be able to use the power of Project Scorpio

"Scorpio's 6TFLOPs will impact the games and the way they play. ['Upcoming games,' Giant Bomb's Jeff Gertsmann broke in, 'you're not necessarily going to get better performance out of any disc you put in the system.'] You know, that's a great question. If you look at a game like Halo 5 that implements dynamic scaling--as scenes get more complex, in order to maintain 60FPS, it will actually change the resolution. So if you run [Halo 5] on Scorpio, you're actually going to be at that max frame-rate more often," Spencer said.

"Some of the existing games will actually run a little better, if they're using dynamic scaling. But I wouldn't buy Scorpio to run your existing library of Xbox One games."

"I'm not going to put that as a major selling point of Project Scorpio because not all games use dynamic scaling. I'm trying to be transparent with people on where we are ih the design of Project Scorpio and what we designed it for. It was designed in order to enable these high-fidelity, 4K experiences."