Zenimax Studio Manager Defends Subscription Based Model For Elder Scrolls Online

Just yesterday we told you that Zenimax had announced that the Elder Scrolls Online MMO would be using a subscription based, monthly fee business model. With many games dumping that model and moving to F2P, Zenimax defended its decision based on its IP.

Matt Firor, the Studio General Manager for Zenimax Online, stated that they are not worried about using a subscription based model and commented that, "The reason why we don't need F2P is we have a huge IP behind this. We're not that worried about getting people in the door."

That is a pretty bold statement, and while there is no doubt that the Elder Scrolls series has a huge following, will the players who flock to the massive single player games readily make the transition to playing the Elder Scrolls world in an online manner.

It seems that their is a great deal of interest in the upcoming MMO as Firor also stated that, "We've had well over three million beta sign-ups, which we haven't announced before." He also commented that they don't want to allow too many people in the beta while they are working out problems with the game so as not to give them a bad taste before the game goes live, he did reveal that the number of people participating in the beta currently was in the "tens of thousands."

Three million people signing up for a beta is a huge number as many games have never hit three million sales in the life of the product ... and ESO isn't even available yet.