Ongoing FBI Pilot Program Has Collected 430,000 Iris Scans

A pilot program managed by the FBI has collected hundreds of thousands of iris scans from Americans. The program began in 2013 and the FBI pulls in scans from police departments around the country. According to The Verge, the San Bernardino Sherrif's Department alone collects around 200 scans each day. In total, around 430,000 scans have been collected in 3 years.

This data adds to the FBI's large existing biometric database, which is built around facial recognition that pulls from millions of photos. Privacy groups have serious concerns about the creation of a database of this sort.

It is deeply concerning that hundreds of thousands of people's iris scans are being added to a biometric database without public debate, proper safeguards, or even awareness that such data has been taken and is being stored. - Privacy International