iOS 7 Cheat Sheet Is A Must Read For Every Aspiring iOS 7 App Developer

Are you a mobile apps developer who is keen to get his hands dirty with Apple's newest, soon to be released iOS 7 mobile operating system? Well here's a cheat sheet made by a fellow developer which goes through almost everything you need to know about iOS 7 development. Go through the iOS 7 cheat sheet in case you're really serious as a developer and would love to explore some shortcuts. Why not take a free pass when you can have it?

The cheat sheet is the work of a designed named Ivo Mynttinen and is pretty comprehensive. In it, he has covered almost every standard is iOS7 design elements from the display resolution of various Apple devices which will receive the iOS 7 update, dimensions of app icons specified by Apple, most frequently (and commonly) used UI design elements and much more.

Head over to the link posted below to check it out for yourself. Don't worry, you won't be disqualified if you get caught with a cheat sheet. This is one area where you're more likely to excel, and be rewarded with it.

The iOS Design Cheat Sheet by Ivomynttinen