Sony Teases Water Proof Xperia Z1, UK Carrier EE Joins The Bandwagon

As the date for the official launch of Sony's first Smartphone under the company's new 'One Sony' initiative draws closer, the Japanese have begun teasing the world each day with a new picture belonging to Honami. The latest one reveals Honami, now known as the Sony Xperia Z1, to be a water resistant device, just like the Xperia Z and Z Ultra flagships. If you take a second to check out the newest teaser image, you'll find the Xperia Z1 submerged under water, and also that the earphone jack is open. This means that your phone won't be swimming with the fishes even without a flap to protect the 3.5mm earphone jack.

Additionally, UK carrier EE retweeted Sony's first #bestofSony teaser image, leading us to believe that the carrier will be bringing the device to residents of Great Britain once Honami goes official on September 4. Going by this rate, it shouldn't be long before we see a full frontal shot of the Xperia Z1, this time released officially by Sony Mobile themselves.