Need For Speed: Rivals Locked At 30 FPS On PC, Developers Explain Why

Are you a hardcore PC gamer who's just tired of all the shoddy console ports for your beloved platform? Well, that situation won't be changing anytime soon, at least not a couple of months (or a year or two) after the next-generation consoles launch. Until then, you'll just have to live the life of a disgruntled gamer a little bit longer.

Need For Speed: Rivals, the next installment in the racing franchise, will be locked at 30FPS on the PC. And EA still wonders why their NFS games which have its roots on the PC platform, don't perform too well when it comes to sales. This time, the developers of the game have already kept a fabricated message explaining their decision to lock gameplay down to a paltry 30FPS. Here you go:

"Anything can happen in AllDrive. That's the key innovation with this game. You don't have single-player, co-op or multiplayer. It just happens seamlessly.I could be playing the game, setting a time, and all of a sudden you could come into that world, and you could be carrying AI, I could be carrying AI, and all of a sudden, on that screen, there are a lot of cars. We always have to budget for the worst case scenario.So in this case we've prioritised the gameplay, because we think 30fps is giving a satisfactory experience."

Believe it if you want to, most other PC gamers won't anyway.