WoW Could Go To F2P In The Future, Says Game Director

Tom Chilton, the World of Warcraft Game Director has stated while the subscription model for the wildly popular MMO is still working out for Blizzard, he does not discount the fact that sometime in the future World of Warcraft may change to a free-to-play model.

"I definitely think that free-to-play MMOs will be around for a very long time," Chilton said. "At some point it's possible that World of Warcraft could end up being free-to-play, but I do think there's always room for there to be subscription games."

Chilton stated that he things the subscription models are still viable as players get a lot of entertainment value from the games when compared to other forms of entertainment. He did note, however, that subscription based games are going to have to do a lot for their players, like constantly updated content, in order to make sure the players feel they are getting their money's worth.

This is interest given that Zenimax Online recently announced that their upcoming MMO, Elder Scrolls Online, would use a subscription based model, and felt that due to the strength of the Elder Scrolls IP they were not concerned about getting the number of players needed to make the game viable within that business model.