Angry Birds Star Wars II Detailed, "Join the Pork Side" Video Released

While Rovio had originally announced the sequel to Angry Birds Star Wars more than a month ago, the actual launch date is still some way. For more than a month we have been sitting on nothing but a name and a poster. Rovio finally decided to put us out of our misery. Earlier today, the one-app-to-fame company revealed some new details regarding Angry Birds Star Wars II, including the fact that they will be releasing more information coming Monday, on August 26.

The game will offer users 30 playable characters all belonging to the overly popular franchise (which is also set to receive a movie adaptation, that we got to watch). Two new videos have been released by Rovio, one being a "making-of" while the other video is titled "Join the Pork Side" video - voiced by the Emperor from the Star Wars films, Ian McDiarmid himself.

Check 'em both our right here: