Elder Scrolls Online To Get Micro-Transactions Too

In the last couple of days, Znimax online announced that their upcoming MMO, Elder Scrolls Online, would definitely be using a subscription based model, they have now added that there will be an in-game store for people to spend more of their money at.

Responding to a question concerning whether the game would include any extra content that people could purchase in-game, he stated, "there won't be anything like bonus points, but we will have a shop to buy kind of fun stuff and services too like name changes and things like that."

He also commented that nothing in the store would affect the core gameplay, and that all of the core gameplay would be included in the subscription price. I guess that means it's okay, right?

It will be interesting to see how they implement it and whether there will be any backlash from the Elder Scrolls community over this little gem.