Facebook Launches Social Network Just For Young People, Based Around Video Q&As

Facebook has debuted a social media platform that's only available for people under the age of 21.The app, called Lifestage, is based around letting people answer questions with short video responses, which are then placed in a feed. Lifestage effectively turns your profile into a selection of videos.

Lifestage is largely targeted at high schools. Once you log in, you can select your high school and you will see other local profiles if at least 20 people from your school are using the app. Facebook is in some ways trying to recreate the old local sharing/community aspect of the main social network that existed when it was limited to colleges.

The app won't be entirely adult-proof, but it does make it hard for 21+ users to use it. You can only attach your profile to one school and there are blocking features that'll allow the Lifestage community to keep out older users.

While its focus on Q&A-type videos is somewhat unique, it can be viewed as a competitor to Snapchat.