Windows 10 Anniversary Update Broke Tons Of Webcams

One of the changes introduced with Windows 10's Anniversary Update was a removal of support for H.264 and MJPEG, two popular video compression formats. Due to the change, it appears software reliant on those formats and millions of webcams are no longer working correctly.

Many users have reported stuttering/freezing problems with webcams from companies like Logitech ever since the update. Microsoft has acknowledged the problem, though it has yet to actually be addressed.

We have seen a small number of reports of unexpected behaviors following the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Engineering and customer support are investigating these on a case by case basis and offering trouble-shooting tips as necessary. - Microsoft

A fix that'll address the MJPEG format could be ready by September, but it could be a bit longer before a fix arrives for H.264.

Here is an unofficial fix in the Windows Registry that appears to address the webcam freezing issue many users have reported:

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