Galaxy Note 3 To Launch In Taiwan On September 27: Rumor

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A new rumor places the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, scheduled to be announced on September 4th just before the official commencement of IFA 2013 in Berlin, in Taiwan on September 27th, with the date for pre-orders set for as early September 16. If this rumor is to be believed, the Korean company will have brought a newly announced flagship device to the market within three weeks of its official announcement. Having accomplished a similar feat in the past with the Galaxy S4 flagship Smartphone, hearing about such a rumor doesn't really surprise us, and we place our bets on it being true.

Meanwhile, Sony, also slated to annouce their next-generation flagship Android Smartphone on September 4th, will reportedly bring their device to the markets as early as September 18 (in India), which would most definitely set a new record for time lapse between annoncement and market availability for a a phone with this high scope and an incomparable buzz surrounding it. Expect global availability of both phones by the month of October.

Coming back to the Note III, latest leaks put the device display size to be 5.68-inches across, a full 0.3 inches shy of the original 5.99-inch rumors from about a month and half ago. Additionally, newly leaked images reveal a dangerously thin bezel, promising us that the Note III will be a compact beast, probably even more compact than the current Note II phablet. Anyhow, all will be revealed next week.