Apple Buys Mobile Compression Technology Startup AlgoTrim: Report

Apple's buying spree hasn't ended. After acquiring Embark, WiFiSlam, Locationary and HopStop, all of whom are just small startups, the Cupertino company has acquired yet another startup, dubbed AlgoTrim, according a new report by publication Rapidus.

AlgoTrim is a Swedish startup whose specialization is lossless compression algorithms that could greatly help in reducing data usage charges, as well as let users surf or do anything that consumes data a little bit more thanks to higher compression and lesser loss. AlgoTrim's know-how can reportedly slim a JPEG file to about six times its original size, meaning that the company's technology might get implemented in other areas apart from just mobile data (image being able to store six times as many images on your device thanks to some really smart compression algorithms).

No word on how much the deal was worth, or any other details regarding the deal whatsoever. Not that either company is commenting on the report anyway.