Nintendo Announces 2DS Portable Game Console

Costs just $129

Nintendo decided to surprise the entire world today with two major announcements (the former not so surprising, but the latter almost shocking). The Japanese company has launched a new portable game console which is called, you won't believe it, the Nintendo 2DS.

The newly announced Nintendo 2DS will stay true to its name and will allow all buyers to play 3DS games... in 2D. This shouldn't be an issue because many people didn't like the 3D effect on the console in the first place (gave them a headache). Also, the 2DS is a lot cheaper, at just $129 with a 4 GB SD card that comes in the package. You will also be able to enjoy original DS games on the dual-screen console, just like the original.

Nintendo will begin selling their newest game console starting October 12th. Don't forget to check out the cute little video prepared by the game company.