Panasonic To Show Off 20-Inch Tablet With A 4K OLED Display at IFA 2013

The Verge

Panasonic will show off their new 20-inch tablet at IFA 2013... wait what? A 20-inch tablet you say? Doesn't that technically make it a notebook, without the other half, or just a really really confused product that doesn't know where it belongs or wants to be? Well, thankfully Panasonic isn't as confused as you lot about their new device, which they fully intend to showcase next month despite your apprehensions.

The most interesting bit, which most of you might have missed, is that the tablet will feature a 20-inch 4K OLED display (time to do a double flip at wherever you're sitting right now). That's right folks, the company will showcase a 3840 x 2560 (or 2160, but it is marketed as 4K nonetheless) panel built using most people's favorite OLED display technology.

Each day, with every new development, IFA 2013 gets more and more interesting. If there's anything else (major), we might just explode once the event finally begins.