Dual-SIM HTC One Max to Yet Feature Fingerprint Reader

Dual-SIM is all the rage in markets like China and India; and HTC has little choice but to cater to that demand. The lack of LTE networks in these markets, to some extant, helps offset the cost of dual-SIM functionality, as smartphone makers can cheap out on soft-modem chips that cap out at 21.1 Mbps HSPA+.

Taiwan-based leaky tap ePrice caught these pictures of an HTC One Max (T6), the company's overgrown HTC One, which will soon lock horns with the likes of Xperia Z Ultra, and Galaxy Note III. The source reveals that the dual-SIM variant could yet have room for a fingerprint reader, just below its primary camera aperture.

Presence of a fingerprint reader is further supported by UI screenshots that depict a "fingerprint" button, which is likely a quick authentication button for various sign-ins. HTC One Max dual-SIM will also pack room for a micro-SDXC card slot, letting you drop in a few gigabytes of your own.

The Sense 5.5 camera app on the One Max could leverage the roomy 5.9-inch screen to provide a dual-camera feature, which lets you add a front-camera captured image to overlay one captured by the main camera. Such a feature exists on LG G2 and Samsung Galaxy S4.