Google To Reimburse Recent Nexus 4 Buyers With $100

Did you happen to recently purchase an all new Nexus 4 for yourself for $350, only to learn that Google slashed the price by a whole $100 earlier today? Well, don't sweat it. The Mountain View company hasn't forgotten you, and that's exactly why it has decided to reimburse you, and everyone else who have recently purchased a new Nexus 4 from Google's official Play Store channel.

Let's get straight to the deal. If you have purchased the Nexus 4 within 15 days from today, you have 15 days ahead of you before the $100 refund program is permanently shut. We've even done the math for you. In case you bought the Nexus 4 on or after August 12th earlier this month, you have until September 10th to manually file for a refund. Remember, Google will be giving you the money only if you file for it. Otherwise, they'll be more than happy the keep those $100.

Head over to the website in case your Nexus 4 happens to fall in the aforementioned bracket:

Google Price Protection